Innovative Zero Waste Design: Hellen van Rees

How can the fashion of the future be designed to better meet the growing challenge of environmentally harmful fashion and textile production?

Dieser Fragestellung nachgehend, begegnen uns stets neue innovative Produkte und Geschäftskonzepte zum Thema Nachhaltigkeit und Kreislauffähigkeit in der Mode, die wir als unsere “Beneficial Discoveries“ vorstellen möchten. Anschließend an unsere Ausstellung „Wie die Mode der Zukunft umweltverträglich wird“ in the German Federal Ministry for the Environment at the beginning of 2020, we are now also showcasing successful clothing examples in a digital form. The fashion designers, brands and products we have selected show how quality, innovation and beauty can lead to more environmentally friendly as well as aesthetically and culturally rich fashion. They provide first possible answers and approaches for the future.

Hellen van Rees is a Dutch fashion & textile designer and researcher. With her wearable textile experiments she works between the spheres of fashion, art and science. 

With her slow fashion label, she stands for seasonless, handmade, made-to-order design pieces. Through innovative production methods and pattern techniques, Hellen von Rees is able to merge industrial waste into wearable zero waste textiles. 

Outfit 1 ‚Zero Waste Dress‘
Hand-applied laser cut felt made from recycled post-consumer waste
Organic cotton lining
Hand-knitted collar from industrial production waste

Outfit 2 ‚Zero Waste Rock‘ 
Flexible, hand-made outer fabric made from heat-melted industrial production waste in a characteristic 'tweed' look
Organic cotton lining
Elastic waist band

Photos: Hellen van Rees