SILFIR Circular Workwear

How can the fashion of the future be designed to better meet the growing challenge of environmentally harmful fashion and textile production?

Following this question, we are constantly discovering new innovative products and business concepts on the topic of sustainability and circularity in fashion, which we would like to present as our "Beneficial Discoveries". Following our exhibition "How to make fashion of the future environmentally sound" in the German Federal Ministry for the Environment at the beginning of 2020, we are now also showcasing successful clothing examples in a digital form. The fashion designers, brands and products we have selected show how quality, innovation and beauty can lead to more environmentally friendly as well as aesthetically and culturally rich fashion. They provide first possible answers and approaches for the future.

Inspired by workwear, SILFIR has developed the Workwear Uniform as a 'Wardrobe Staple'. It proves that even with a reduced wardrobe you can look and feel good every day. 

The two-piece follows a circular and transparent design approach. With a fully traceable QR code, developed in partnership with, an agency for sustainable product and system innovation, users can trace the origin of their garment; from the material composition to the manufacturing process. A comprehensive repair and recycling service extends the life cycle of the products. 

TENCEL™ and LENZING™ ECOVERO™ fibers of the workwear uniform come from certified wood sources and are produced in an environmentally compatible process.

Photos: SILFIR