Beneficial Discoveries #5 Circular Speeds for Filippa K

How can the fashion of the future be designed to better meet the growing challenge of environmentally harmful fashion and textile production?

We constantly discover new innovative products and business concepts on the subject of sustainability and circularity in fashion, which we would like to showcase in our online series 'Beneficial Discoveries'. Following our exhibition 'How to make the fashion of the future environmentally sound' at the Federal Ministry for the Environment at the beginning of this year, we are now also presenting these successful clothing examples in a digital format. The fashion designers, brands and products we have selected show how quality, innovation and beauty can lead to more environmentally friendly and aesthetically and culturally richer fashion. They provide initial answers and approaches for the future.

The Filippa K ‚Front Runners‘ series is the result of a cooperation project between the Centre for Circular Design of the University of Arts London (UAL) and the design research initiative Mistra Future Fashion . Within the framework of the research topic "Circular Design Speeds: prototyping fast and slow sustainable fashion concepts through interdisciplinary design research“ prototypes with improved production processes were developed, which enable circularity for both 'fast' and 'slow' user periods. Here, ‚fast’ garments such as the white ‚Throw Away’ dress are designed for the biological cycle. ‚Slow‘ pieces such as the black ‚Eternal’ trench coat are made for the technical cycle. 

Aim of the design research is both to challenge established understanding of best practice in sustainability and circularity but also to present alternative visions for consideration, in order to solve the complex problem of making our fashion system circular. Academics from various disciplines in the fields of supply, recycling and user behavior were involved in order to find collaborative ways to work towards a systemic change in the fashion industry. 

Fast 'Throw Away' Dress – beige
For the biological cycle.
100% bio-based and biodegradable after short term use.
Fleece-like Tencel 'Mogul', which omits expensive and energy-intensive production steps such as spinning and weaving. Naturally dyed from waste food from the ‘Heart and Earth Production’.

Slow 'Eternal' Trench coat – black
For the technical cycle.
100% recycled and recyclable materials from rPET of plastic bottles.
The We aRe SpinDye® dyeing process produces long-lasting colors and reduces water consumption by 75% and chemical substances by 90%.

Photos: Filippa K