Circular Design Speeds

Circular Design Speeds is a design concept that explores alternative solutions for different modes of consumption and usage within the circular economy. From 'ultra-fast' to 'super-slow' , it understands that more adaptive and consumer-centric approaches are needed to offer sustainable solutions for diverse behaviors and needs. 

Similar to other design approaches such as the Cradle-to-Cradle philosophy, the concept of ‚Circular Design Speeds‘ considers a product’s intended user period and afterlife and aligns the choice of circular materials and services accordingly.

‚Ultra-fast‘ approaches are intended for sustainable ‚fast fashion‘ applications and designed to be ‚thrown away‘ without doing harm to the environment. In this context, ‚fast’ becomes ‚good‘ instead of the conventional ‚bad‘. ‚Super-slow‘ approaches on the counter side focus on the ‚permanence‘ of a product and are designed to last for eternity. Here, next to the choice of recyclable materials, garment care and repair services play a vital role. 

More about the concept 'Circular Design Speeds' on the website of the research initiative by the Centre for Circular Design and Mistra Future Fashion