BLIND DATE Panel Goethe Institut

Last week Friederike von Wedel-Parlow was invited by the Goethe Institut Ghana to their monthly conversational series Blind Data. Together with Yvette Tetteh they discussed the impacts of fast fashion and sustainability.

The conversation sought to explore questions like… Can we escape fast fashion? Does the responsibility lie with the industry or its consumers? Is giving up fast fashion really a step towards sustainability? Additionally, it put this topic within the context of Ghana and Germany, examining how Fast Fashion, Sustainability, and Climate Change are playing out in these two countries.

They equally dilated on the poor quality of some clothes, inadequate remuneration of industry workers and whether producers and consumers equally share the blame for the continuous damage to the environment by discarded clothes. The programme was moderated by the Ghanaian writer Elizabeth Johnson.

The event took place at the Goethe Institut in Accra and was livestreamed on Instagram. For insights on the event, visit @goetheinstitutghana.

Graphic: @goetheinstitutghana