Creating Positive Fashion


The Beneficial Design Institute places quality, beauty and innovation at the center of its work. So that fashion, textiles and products touch us, move us and create identity. Because fashion and design are drivers of change far beyond our own industry. We use this power of transformation for a positive cultural change in our world. With positive effects for people, the environment and economic activity.


With Beneficial Design, a holistic approach of closed loops (Closed Loop and Circular Design Systems) in the sense of the Cradle to Cradle philosophy, we combine artistic and scientific theory with practice. We research, develop and test holistic innovation concepts, design fashion, textiles and products from prototypes to series production, and provide consulting and design services. We also see ourselves as networkers and multipliers and give impulses for teaching and further education. Beneficial Design, intelligent solutions for unique and strong brands.


Beauty is born at the intersection of aesthetically and culturally rich design and healthy production and usage processes. The human being is at the center of external and internal values. Fashion is our second skin. Therefore, it should be much more than just less bad and reduce our ecological footprint. It should enrich our lives and leave a positive footprint, it should create beauty and quality of life. For its wearer as well as for all people who produce fashion and textiles. Aesthetic and technical innovations combine successful fashion with the positive achievements of the past and intelligent solutions for the future: This results in fashion with quality that you want to pass on and maintain. From materials that will be the nutrient and foundation for something new.

Beneficial Innovation

The Beneficial Design Institute researches, develops and tests the holistic design of sustainable fashion and products. We work with an international network of universities, institutions and industrial partners.
By Beneficial Design we understand the design of the entire system of fashion and textiles far beyond products and collections. We also promote holistic integrative design of processes and systems.

The Beneficial Design Institute pursues a positive agenda. Through our solution-oriented design approach we deal with aesthetic questions and much more. Based on people's needs, Beneficial Design integrates functional, emotional and social aspects into the development of products, processes and services. As a driver of innovation, Beneficial Design plays an important role in overcoming social, ecological and economic challenges in a global context.


  • Research and Development (Design Driven Research)
  • Development of Holistic Innovation Concepts
  • Product Design and Realization: From Prototype to Series
  • Consulting and Conception
  • Networking and Cooperation
  • Education and Information
  • Academia and Training

For every project we put together an individual team that shares the vision and design approach of the Beneficial Design Institute. Experts who are committed to a positive cultural change that combines quality, innovation and beauty with sustainability on our planet.